Concrete Truck Insurance

Concrete trucks are commercial vehicles that transport concrete to and from construction sites. Typically, these distinctive looking trucks carry forming concrete in a revolving drum. The constant rotation prevents the mixture from solidifying. A concrete truck is a specialized vehicle, and it requires excellent insurance to cover it.

Choosing the correct mode of transportation and getting the right insurance is crucial for this type of truck. Plus, truck cement mixers are valuable assets for any company, and therefore can be quite pricey. In other words, if you don’t arm yourselves with the right insurance, it could get expensive.

Here’s where SafeLine Insurance comes in. We set you up with the best overall coverage that completely protects your concrete truck.

Truck Insurance That Makes Sense

It’s SafeLine Insurance’s mission to locate the best coverage for you at a great price. We’ll get you and your concrete truck the best coverage money can buy. So, let’s break down how we typically cover concrete trucks.

It’s best to start with liability insurance. After all, commercial vehicles must have it to operate legally. Moreover, this plan covers accidents that are the driver’s fault.

SafeLine usually supplements liability with physical damage and property damage coverage. These policies further protect your vehicle, going beyond just basic liability insurance.

Physical damage consists of two parts: comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. Comprehensive guards against things out of the driver’s control. Theft, vandalism, or fire are examples of catastrophes that can be guarded against with comprehensive insurance. As for collision insurance, it offers financial relief from a wreck, whoever’s at fault.

Property damage insurance is also useful. Above all, it protects your property and the property of those involved in the accident.

Contact us at SafeLine today, and one of our agents will get you fully protected!