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Car Carrier Insurance

Auto transport services are highly sought after. Consequently, car carriers supply the necessary auto transportation for a myriad of businesses. Included among them is car shipping companies, dealerships, as well as car manufacturers.

These haulers generate lots of revenue, however, accidents can cut into their bottom line. Therefore, the best way to preserve those business earnings is by choosing the best policy to deal with your company-specific needs. And depending on the number of cars your carrier transports, it’s even more important to pick quality insurance.

SafeLine understands all of this, and we’re here to simplify the process.

The Right Carrier Insurance for Your Company

There’s plenty of insurance providers out there. And let’s face it, they all claim to be the best. Unfortunately, not all companies are experts and have your best interests in mind. Safe Line Insurance is truly looking out for you.

How are we looking out for you? First, as it’s California law, we make sure you’re set up with quality liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you against any property or bodily damage should a driver get into an accident. We also highly endorse getting fully insured, though not all types of insurance are mandatory.

Physical Damage Coverage is vital so as to protect your car carrier in any unwarranted event. This policy covers collision and comprehensive insurance. Specifically, collision insurance covers accidents and crashes, while comprehensive insurance leaves you protected against natural disasters and vandalism.

Finally, cargo insurance is another viable piece of coverage. This type is a safeguard against lost, damaged, or stolen cargo.

Call SafeLine Insurance and let us set you up with the right car carrier coverage today!