Bobtail Truck Insurance: The Dos And Do-Nots Of Insuring Bobtails

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Bobtail trucks have a need to be safe when owners-operators are using them. However, it’s not everyday that you can anticipate a danger or threat ahead of time. This is simply due to the fact that there are no real ways to save your bobtail truck from any danger without insurance. That’s right, bobtail insurance matters. And here, we’re going to distinguish the importance of bobtail truck insurance whenever it is most applicable. The FMCSA isn’t quite so specific on their end to have Commercial General Liability, otherwise known as CGL insurance. This was properly known in a meeting the other month. When operating as a single-truck owner-operator, it’s tough to tell if a CGL policy would actually be helpful or not. There are trucking companies that note bobtail insurance as a way to insulate from lawsuits.

The carriers and the individual truckers all know about non-trucking liability insurance for bobtail trucks.

That is the only necessary part of a set of coverages in which involves bobtail insurance.

An additional insurance coverage available for bobtail insurance is able to be your’s. Such coverage is known as “Physical Damage,” “Collision” and/or “Comprehensive.”

Physical damage insurance is for whichever accident that could occur. It’s not quite for the law, yet it’s good for whichever truck owner needs to protect the investment. One would never purchase non-trucking liability if they’re also not purchasing physical damage insurance.

Such insurance could even protect the truck owner without being at fault for an accident. The truck owner’s insurance company. The coverages range from about $10,000 to $100,000. And in that case, you can see under-insured motorist insurance kicking in and saving grace from what may be a collective of expensive lawsuits. Such coverage tends to be the most valuable part of insured motorist insurance. And even then, it may be totally unintelligible.

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