Bobtail Insurance

When it comes to leasing or owning a truck, you need to make sure to cover your truck in all possible circumstances. That includes when you drive your truck as just a bobtail. Bobtail insurance refers to the insurance policy taken out on a truck when it is not performing trucking operations. Trucks are often not actively hauling, making this policy incredibly important.

A bobtail policy is for those days when you drive your truck without a trailer. It should be noted that this insurance is required even when the trucker is not on dispatch. Because, no matter how much caution you exercise, accidents happen. So get insurance for those times when they do!

Bobtail insurance functions like physical damage coverage for only your tractor. It covers any damage to the physical vehicle while you drive it. For liability coverage, you’re going to need the similar but slightly different policy known as NTL (Non-Trucking Liability Insurance).

Get bobtail insurance from SafeLine Insurance.

People often mistake bobtail insurance for non-trucking insurance. Consequently, they assume that if they have non-trucking insurance, they’ll be covered should any kind of incident occur. The truth is, non-trucking insurance only covers truckers when they’re not on duty and not doing any kind of hauling.

Conversely, bobtail coverage supplies full umbrella protection. Because of this, it’s pricier than non-trucking policies, which can leave your bobtail vulnerable. By choosing SafeLine, you and your truck will be protected, regardless of whether you’re on dispatch or not. This is absolutely the way to go.

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