ATA Asks White House To White Out Truckers From Vaccine Mandate

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Since the COVID-19 Pandemic has rocked our world, the White House has been the source of information on how much we should panic and should we leave our masks on when we do. And while much of the working force in America are currently gung-ho about getting vaccinations and tests in between, there’s a group of people that are forthright about their opinions. Of course, we’re talking about truckers and the ATA.

People involved with the AT are essential workers. That is a fact. However, the underlying truth is that they don’t feel like it. ATA (American Trucking Associations) CEO and President Chris Spear believes there are huge consequences. He calls them “serious concerns over the impact such a policy will have on the trucking industry and our ability to keep the nation’s supply lines moving.”

Spear himself has been in touch with the White House and he still has gripes. He wants them to honor his formal request to exclude truck drivers from the strictness of the vaccine mandate. This mandate, that ATA is so tense of, details that President Joe Biden needs companies with over 100 employees, to require the vaccine in order to keep peace.

The ATA is relentless!

In specific, Spear tried looking to the office for other rules. Such as the security in knowing that fleets, when holding contracts of the federal sort, don’t have to be threatened by the likelihood of contradicting requirements.

The chances of a truck driver getting sick from the vaccine or just feeling uneasy after submitting some blood for a test are way too high. It’s almost too crazy to not happen.

Canada themselves are not too far. This being the ones who opened their borders first, their government de-include the trucking industry out there. We’ll just have to wait and see happens with the United States heavy-haulers. That’ll be the day.

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