Amazon Soars High For Air Cargo! $131 Million Spent for ATSG

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Amazon is taking a stake in Air Transport Services Group. A minority stake at that. But this is good news, because this will in turn strengthen the share of Amazon’s quickly growing aviation logistics unit.

Firstly, Amazon is looking to make its own air fleet stronger than ever before. They launched way back in 2016. They have made it open enough to handle large portions of the packaging. Some air cargo operations were undergoing handling in house, with the hopes that they’ll compete with UPS and FedEx.

Furthermore, Amazon has been owning warrants for Air Transport Services Group for a while. All the way since 2016 as well. But since Amazon has been incorporating such shipping in their air business, it’s been obvious that the giant is trying to get serious about air cargo.

Finally, Amazon bought 11 Boeing 767-300 jets!

And when you think about it, Amazon is doing pretty good for themselves. They knows exactly how to keep up their anticipation as a leader in logistics. If you didn’t know that then, know that now. The company is honestly chasing after the whole idea that there can be value in other companies that couldn’t even compare. This company is doing all they can to make room for all their branded planes. In which case, they expect to fly about two hundred times in total every day. That’s a pretty important factoid, if one may say so themselves. It’s all about horizontal consolidation. The sooner you can have a truck driver deliver these packages to the recipient.

Overall, they went through a bit of a shake-up after longtime CEO and original founder Jeff Bezos was faced to leave his company after announcing other projects to work on.

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