Amazon Delivery Vehicle Stolen in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO, CA – An Amazon delivery vehicle was stolen yesterday afternoon from a Natomas street. The vehicle was filled with several packages that had not been delivered yet.

Moreover, the Sacramento Police Department log revealed that the Amazon delivery vehicle was stolen shortly after 4 p.m. Additionally, reports revealed the driver was delivering packages on the 24 hundred block of Natomas Park Drive. This is located near West El Camino Avenue. Therefore, officers think this is when the suspect, or suspects stole the vehicle. However, police officials searched the area, but did not find the stolen vehicle. Nor did they find the packages.

Although the vehicle was not running, the keys were left inside.

Furthermore, Amazon delivered a statement Thursday night in reaction to the incident.

“We are delighted the delivery driver is safe and working with the Sacramento Police Department to investigate,” said the company. Also reassuring the public that Amazon’s customer service teams are following up with customers directly concerning their packages.

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