More than $1,5 Million Repaid To Consumers From Denied Claims

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According to the new report, Tennessee Department of Insurance repaid over $1,5 million to the consumers during the first half of the year. Insurance companies have overturned denied claims after working with Consumer Insurance Services Section.


Last year, after the same procedure over $2,8 million was repaid to the consumers. According to Michael Humphreys, TDCI Assistant Commissioner Insurance Division, their team works hard and does their best to advocate Tennessee residents from all walks of life. Most of the cases the office has worked with have involved denied claims over health-related issues.


Consumers should feel free to call them about any questions or concerns they have about insurance products and services. Here are some suggestions to avoid unpleasant experience with insurance companies:


  • – Research insurance providers before getting a policy and make sure they are fully licensed
  • – Make sure you understand all terms of your insurance policy
  • – If you have homeowners insurance, keep receipts and pictures of your residence
  • – Make sure to choose the doctors under your insurance

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  1. Mary_comments

    This is a really good development I must say! Nothing can make an old ailing man happy than getting paid his insurance claims so as to treat himself
    The department should keep up with the good work.But I’ve got a piece of advice for insurers pertaining to the insurance company they choose.What if government provide a list of trusted insurance companies? That will be really okay and it will save them the stress of looking for insurance providers thereby getting scammed in the way.Medical doctors should also form an association under theTennessee Department of Insurance.By doing this, it will enhance a doctor-patient relationship

  2. Erikson

    i find your post quite interesting, denied claims from insurance companies are frustrating.

  3. dylan burns

    Insurance is unfortunately necessary and unfortunately a corporation. glad the people of tennessee are being paid what they are due. Really makes an already hard time just that much harder when you have to pay out of pocket for the insurance as well as for the treatment

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