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Whole Life Insurance

When you are looking for Life Insurance, you have many options. You can save money with Term Life Insurance that gives you a lot of flexibility. Or you can get Whole Life Insurance that will cover you for your entire life. Besides paying to your beneficiaries, it also accumulates cash value that keeps growing through the years. When you retire, you can withdraw a portion of money to use as you please. Or you can borrow some of the cash at any moment and repay it later with interest.


To explore all available options and choose the best one for you, contact an independent agency. Working with an agent, you get all the info to make an informed decision. Agencies work with many insurance companies and will help you get the best available premium for your policy.

SafeLine Whole Life Insurance

There are a few advantages that come with Whole Life Insurance coverage. It is great for young people who want to have both life insurance and a savings plan. With this type of Life Insurance, you will get:whole life


  • – Fixed Premium. The amount you pay monthly or annually doesn’t change throughout the life of your policy.
  • – Cash value accumulation is guaranteed. The cash value keeps accumulating until the policy’s holder passing and then gets paid to his or her beneficiaries if not used during retirement.
  • – Fixed Interest Rate. Your cash value accumulation has a fixed return rate.
  • – Death benefit is guaranteed.


Insurance companies offer different payment options. You can lock in a monthly or annually premium or make a single payment. Or you can choose a limited premium to pay for a specific period of time.


At SafeLine Insurace we will be happy to answer all your questions about Life Insurance and help you find the right coverage for you. Contact us today for free quotes through our website our by calling our office.