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Universal Life Insurance

When you are choosing life insurance coverage, you have many options. First of all, you need to decide if you want Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance. The latter also offers many choices. You can get Whole Life Insurance or a more flexible option, Universal Life Insurance.


Having so many options to consider can be confusing. Every situation is different, and your Life Insurance should be tailored to your financial needs. In order to make an informed decision, you can work with an insurance agent. This way, you will get an unbiased professional opinion and the best quote, as agencies work with many insurance companies.

SafeLine Universal Life Insurance

universal lifeAs we have already mentioned, Universal Life Insurance offers a lot of flexibility and that is the main advantage of this coverage. If you choose it, you can adjust your death benefits as you wish, compared with fixed death benefits of Whole Life Insurance. There are also options when it comes to paying your premium. You can choose a single initial payment for the purchase of the insurance policy or pay specific amounts periodically. The third option is flexible premium with variable amounts of premiums that need to be paid within agreed limits.


Universal Life Insurance also provides cash value accumulation. You can withdraw a portion of accumulated cash value and use it as you’d like. Moreover, you can borrow against cash value  and repay it later with applied interest.


Universal Life coverage is a great financial protection for your loved ones. Should anything happen to you, it will cover your debts and pay to your beneficiaries. At SafeLine Insurance, we will be glad to customize your insurance in accordance with your financial needs. Get free quotes from us by filling out a simple quote form or calling our office during business hours. We will be happy to assist you!