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Restaurant Insurance

Running a restaurant business means investing plenty of money and time. It is a lot of work but it can bring great profits. For your restaurant to stay profitable, you should get Restaurant Insurance customized for your business needs.


One of the most common unfortunate events restaurants owners face is a fire. More than a half of them happen because of cooking accidents. Many of them are also caused by heating problems. Even when the fire starts in an area equipped with a fire alarm or an automatic extinguishing system, the damage can be really severe. If that alone is not enough to get proper Restaurant Insurance, there are many other risks your business faces.


Restaurant InsuranceSome types of insurance are required by law, although it varies from state to state. You are most likely required to have Workers Compensation Insurance to cover any injuries your employees sustain while at work. If you provide food delivery or catering, you will also need commercial vehicle insurance.


Every Restaurant Insurance policy includes liability insurance and property damage. There are many liability risks in restaurant business. General liability will pay if a customer is injured at your restaurant’s premises. Product liability covers medical bills and lawsuits associated with food poisoning and food-borne illnesses occurred in a result of eating food served at your restaurant. Liquor liability is an important coverage for you if you serve alcohol. If a customer becomes intoxicated at your restaurant and commits ensuing acts, you may be held responsible.


Commercial Property Insurance is another part of your Restaurant Insurance. You should protect your building and its content to avoid great financial losses.

SafeLine Restaurant Insurance

At SafeLine Insurance we will be happy to assist you with Restaurant Insurance. We will analyze your commercial insurance needs and help you get the coverage that will keep your restaurant business financially secure. We work with many insurance companies and can combine their coverages into one policy for the best quality and price. Contact us today and get free quotes for your restaurant business insurance. We are looking forward to working with you!