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General Liability

To be truly successful, your business should be protected financially. That is why it is so important to you as a business owner to take care of business insurance. Of course, you need more than one type of coverage to make sure there are no gaps in your business insurance policy. But the backbone of your business insurance is still General Liability that will protect you from claims due to property damage, bodily injury and medical expenses. It will also cover your legal costs and claims such as slander and libel.


The best way to get optimal General Business Liability Insurance is to contact a reliable insurance agency. A professional agent will help you evaluate insurance needs of your business and get the policy at the best available price.


SafeLine General Liability

general liabilitySafeLine Insurance Agency is looking forward to assisting you with General Business Liability Insurance. Our agents will help you through every detail with you making sure all the terms of the policy are clear to you.


Your General Liability will most likely include:



  • – Property Damage

If someone’s property is damaged by an accident on your business premises, or from your products or operations, it will be covered by your liability insurance.


  • – Bodily Injury

Covers the claims arising from bodily injury resulting from accidents on your property or your products and operations.


  • – Personal and Advertising Injury

If your business violates someone’s copyright or your marketing offends someone, your liability will cover the costs of their claims.


  • – Defense Costs

If your business is sued, this coverage will pay for attorney expenses, settlements, bonds and other possible legal expenses.


Contact SafeLine Insurance and get optimal General Liability for your business, along with other commercial insurance coverages. Free quotes are available online and over the phone. In addition, we are looking forward to helping your business!