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EPLI Insurance

EPLI Insurance is short for Employment Practices Liability Insurance. It is a type of coverage that will protect you as an employer from employee lawsuits. Your business is never fully protected without EPLI. It is not just big companies that should get this kind of commercial insurance. As a matter of fact, over 40% of lawsuits by employees are brought against companies that have less than 100 employees. It is also a common mistake to think that employee lawsuits can be covered by other policies. Having EPLI is essential to any business in order to be financially secure.


To get optimal EPLI Insurance for your company, it is a good choice to work on your coverage with an insurance agency. This way you will have an agent comparing multiple options for you and helping you with all your questions.

SafeLine EPLI Insurance

epli insuranceThere are many kinds of lawsuits EPLI can help you with. First of all, the most common claim brought against employees is wrongful termination. Your employee can sue you if he believes he has been terminated because of hisĀ age, national origin, race, national origin or disability. You can also be sued if you fire an employee for taking a leave of absence or reporting agency misconduct under the Whistleblower Protection Act.


Other common type of lawsuit brought against an employer is harassment. Most of the time it is sexual harassment, but the issue can also be bullying or violence. An employer can also be sued for discrimination, emotional distress, breach of contract and other violations. EPLI will pay for legal defense and other expenses associated with the lawsuit.


SafeLine Insurance Agency will help you choose the right amounts of coverage for your EPLI and get you the best deals from various business insurance carriers. Get a free quote from us today and let SafeLine help you with your EPLI Insurance!