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Church Insurance

As any other institution, a church has its own risks that need to be covered by insurance. As churches are different from other types of businesses, they require special coverage. Church Insurance is designed specifically for religious institutions and optimized to cover all kinds of situations and protect the assets.


It is best to contact an independent insurance agency to get assistance with your coverage. It is a great way to evaluate your situation and compare the options various insurance carriers can offer. Working with an insurance agent will save you time and money, and you will get customized coverage that will make the most sense to you.


SafeLine Church Insurance

church insuranceOne of the main claim risks when it comes to Church Insurance is fire. Most of the fires happen in the course of cooking, or because of heating equipment malfunctions and problems with electric wiring. At SafeLine Insurance we will make sure you get a full coverage in case of fire and any medical expenses associated with it.


Another risk is slips and falls. If someone gets injured at your church’s premises, you can be held liable to pay the medical bills.


Churches also often become targets for thieves. Church Insurance will cover any damage done to your church in the course of a burglary, as well as the loss of valuable items, such as religious artifacts.


The fourth main claim risk for a church is sexual abuse and misconduct. They can happen in any organization, and unfortunately, churches are no exception. Your church liability insurance will cover you if one of your employees is accused of sexual misconduct or harassment.


SafeLine Insurance Agency is always there for you when you need assistance with insurance. Get a free Church Insurance quote by requesting them online or calling our office. We are looking forward to speaking with you!