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insurance rates

Why Insurance Rates Rising

Due to the increasing number of accident rates, auto insurance rates are rising all around the country. Moreover, the fatality rate in car accidents has increased by 22% from the last year. It is suggested that the reason for such a huge increase is ...Read More

denied claims

More than $1,5 Million Repaid To Consumers From Denied Claims

According to the new report, Tennessee Department of Insurance repaid over $1,5 million to the consumers during the first half of the year. Insurance companies have overturned denied claims after working with Consumer Insurance Services Section. &...Read More


Comerica To Get Rid Of Nearly 800 Workers

Comerica, the second largest bank in Michigan, will close 40 branches and cut about 800 jobs to decrease expenses and increase profitability as the retail environment in the financial sector that becomes more and more challenging.   The ba...Read More

independence day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!   Soon America will be celebrating its most patriotic holiday, the July 4th.   It is the 240th year we are celebrating the day the beginning of the United States as a free independen...Read More

Passengers In Large Trucks Required To Use Seatbelts

The FMCSA announced on June 6, 2016 that the rules will require that all passengers riding in cabs of large trucks use seatbelts on public roads. The rule will become effective August 8, 2016 and make commercial truck drivers responsible for making s...Read More