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Billionaires’ Wealth Has Increased by $1 Trillion Due to the Pandemic

November 25, 2020

Billionaires in the U.S. since March 2020 has seen their net worth of the country's 647 billionaires have grown by almost $960 billion. It may eclipse that figure reaching soon a trillion dollars. This is according to the Ins...Read More

Gig Economy Companies

Gig Economy Companies Possibly to Become Contractors For the Nation

November 6, 2020

Gig Economy Companies Face Big Changes Gig economy companies want to turn the California voters’ decision for Proposition 22 to make ride-service drivers contr...Read More

Man Takes Risk to Get President Trump’s Attention

October 20, 2020

Man With a Mission A man who demanded an audience with President Trump clung to a rope off of Chicag...Read More

cruise ship

Cruise Ship Industry Paused Through October: Strict Policy By CDC

October 1, 2020

I've only been on two handfuls of cruise ship excursions in my life. One in Europe, most in the Caribbean and two week's worth in Alaska. The ones in Alaska are most memorable being that it was one big round trip from Vancouv...Read More


Wildfires: Truckers Still Trucking

September 11, 2020

The wildfires are causing highways to close on top of everything...Read More

electric revolution

Electric Revolution: Is Trucking Ready?

August 10, 2020

Palo Alto- CA, - The electric revolution is coming to a trucking industry near you! With 2020 continuing to throw the world a curve-ball, some industries are looking for alternative ways to undergo their operations. ...Read More

breonna taylor

Breonna Taylor Case: New Interviews Released

July 10, 2020

New police interviews reveal that the home of Breonna Taylor was a "soft target." The officers that invaded her apartment that night knew that she posed little danger. They also knew that their suspect was likely at another l...Read More

trucking CEO's

Trucking CEO’s Remain Silent For BLM

June 8, 2020

Trucking CEO's remain silent in terms of the BLM movement and the death of George Floyd. While many other industries have voiced their support, a lack of voices heard from the high up in trucking causes some to question the m...Read More

blue waves

Blue Waves Captivate SoCal Residents

May 1, 2020

Residents of Southern California were treated to a rare phenomenon this week. A display known as sea sparkle lit up the coastline with blue waves that emit a ...Read More

car insurance

Car Insurance Refunds Issued During Pandemic

April 14, 2020

With the global pandemic raging, stay at home orders protect citizens from catching covid-19. While they sit out the outbreak, their vehicles sit in their garages for more time than their ordinary routines would dictate. As a...Read More