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Builders Risk Insurance

Builders and contractors involved and responsible for the construction of new building literally from the ground up, know that their projects come with risks. The best way to deal with the risks is prepare for them. This is what Builders Risk Insurance is for.


Builders Risk Insurance is also often called Course of Construction. It is for building under construction, as well as equipment and materials used on the site. The policy is usually should cover the full cost of the construction.


The most convenient way to get Course of Construction Insurance is to contact an insurance agency. Agents work with many insurance providers and can help you get the exact coverage you’re looking for at a good price.


SafeLine Builders Risk Insurance

builders risk insuranceProperty Damage is usually the main coverage for your Builders Risk Insurance. It covers all the property at the construction site, such as:


  • – Equipment and machinery
  • Construction and materials
  • – Fencing
  • – Temporary structures and scaffolding
  • – Construction signs


If your site is gated, you can also include theft in your coverage. It will cover you if anybody steals the building materials from the site.


You can also cover labor costs and expenses, and protect your construction in case of perils of nature. However, if you would like to be covered in case of flood or earthquake, discuss it with your insurance agent, as you will need separate coverage for this.


There are also other risks you can protect your construction from. Call SafeLine Insurance Agency and let one of our professional agents help you with your Builders Risk coverage. We will call multiple insurance carriers for you and customize your policy the exact way you need it. Get free quotes online. Also, give us a call or over the phone. Get the best available price with SafeLine today!