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Auto Insurance Quote

Auto insurance is essential if you own a car – it is simply illegal to drive without coverage. It is also important to be insured because, unfortunately, car accidents are very common. If you are leasing a car, there is no doubt you need comprehensive and collision insurance. But even if you own your car and only need liability insurance, you should remember to protect yourself in case of an accident. Your auto insurance quote depends on what coverages you include in your policy, but rather than just try and save on monthly payments, put enough thought into what protection will be optimal for you.


What Affects Your Auto Insurance Quote?

auto insurance quoteOf course, the obvious answer is coverages you include. The limits and deductibles you choose will have their effect on the price of your policy. But that’s not the only thing you will discuss with your insurance agent. There are some other factors that can have a great impact on your car insurance quote.


One of the essential questions is where you reside. Your location will have its effect on your premiums.


Another important thing is your driving record. If it’s clean, you will have a better price for your insurance. If you have some violations, the rates will go up. It is always a good idea to obtain a copy of your driving record from DMV when you’re getting auto insurance. Make sure everything is correct and if it’s not, contact your DMV.


It also matters what kind of car you drive. Coverage for newer and more expensive models is typically pricier.


Those are major factors that can affect your premiums but they are not the only ones. Your age and driving experience will be also taken into consideration, as well as anti-theft equipment you have installed and other things.


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